Let First State Bank put your money to work for you! Whether you're saving for a rainy day, college tuition or retirement, First State Bank has a savings account for you. You can choose from several accounts, each tailored to your specific needs. Open a savings account today and start saving for tomorrow.

Account TypeFirst Preferred AccountPersonal SavingsSenior SavingsMinor Savings

Account Description

The First Preferred Savings account is designed to reward our customers who consistently maintain higher balances in their savings account.

Our Personal Savings account allows you to maintain access to your funds while earning interest at a competitive rate.

Whether you want to put savings away for your grandchildren, your next vacation or anything that falls in between, the Senior Savings account is perfect for seniors age 62 and older.

You're never too young to learn the importance of saving! Our Minor Savings account is designed to do exactly that, help those younger than 18 years learn the importance of saving money.

Opening Balance




No minimum balance

Account Benefits

Earn a higher rate of interest and withdraw money at your convenience

Free Online Banking

Earn interest and have immediate access to your money

Free Online Banking

Earn interest on your account with no minimum balance required

Free Online Banking

Save for the future with no service charge

Special Features
& Transaction Limits

Average available balance for the month determines rate paid
$10,000- $49,999.99*
$50,000 and above*
4 FREE withdrawals per month
No monthly ATM Fee
*Call for a rate quote

No quarterly service charge if $200.00 average available balance is maintained
3 FREE withdrawals per quarter

No withdrawal limit

No quarterly service charge up to age 18

Service Charge

Minimum balance less than $2,500.00 = $10.00 per month $1.00 per withdrawal in excess of 4 per month

Average available balance less than $200.00 = $6.00 per quarter
$2.00 per withdrawal in excess of 3 per quarter

No quarterly service charge

No quarterly service charge

Money Market Account

The First State Bank Money Market account allows customers to earn higher interest rates while maintaining liquidity. Requiring an initial $50.00 minimum deposit, the Money Market account allows customers six free checks and/or drafts per month, after which a $10.00 per item fee applies. If the average available balance remains at $2,500.00 or more, the $10.00 per month service charge is waived. Take advantage of interest rates and earn more in less time with the First State Bank Money Market account. Our Money Market account also comes with free Online Banking 24/7.

Certificate Of Deposit (CD)

Earn greater interest than you would with a savings account with a First State Bank CD. Customers can start earning interest on as little as $1,000. Our CDs earn a competitive interest rate based on current market conditions. The maturity is flexible and ranges from 182 days to 5 years, with a penalty for early withdrawal. First State Bank makes using CDs a breeze when we automatically renew your CD at its maturity for no additional fee.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Is an IRA right for everyone? How many different types of IRAs are available? Most customers don't know enough about IRAs or how to use them for planning their financial future. At First State Bank, we show our customers how IRA plans can help ensure financial security for their retirement years. Let one of our IRA experts explain how IRAs work and suggest the proper plan to fit your needs.

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Go Digital!

Enjoy the convenience of banking online and on your smartphone. We are here to help you with your electronic banking needs.

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