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Investment Professionals, Inc. (IPI) is an independent Texas-based investment and insurance brokerage and asset management firm specializing in the on-site delivery of investment programs for community financial institutions across the United States.


Building partnerships that create confidence and financial success for generations.


Maintain an attitude of service to all: employees, clients and communities
Always do the right thing
Be enthusiastic in all we do
Stand by our beliefs while taking the initiative to seek new and better ways to achieve results
Recognize and believe in the collaborative power of a team that puts the mission first: self, second



Based on a wide range of independent measures, it’s clear that year after year IPI’s approach to doing business serves all our stakeholders extremely well. At the end of the day, it’s all about helping individual investors and business clients prosper over the long term. The way we get there is by paying close attention to the needs and objectives of our financial institution partners, financial consultants, employees and our company.  Our distinct advantage is the affinity we have with people who grew up in smaller community environments and a superior ability to get different groups to cooperate for the common purpose at hand.

“As President and CEO of IPI, I’m extremely gratified by the steady progress and phenomenal success the IPI team has achieved since we started the company in 1992. One measure of this success is the fact that IPI is continually recognized as the bank broker/dealer that goes the extra mile for our financial institution partners and their customers.” – Jay McAnelly



IPI is as independent as they come.  Since IPI is not a subsidiary of a larger organization, we don’t have to compete with other business lines for resources. So the accountability buck stops with us. We are not owned by any entity that sells annuities, mutual funds or insurance, so there is no pressure to sell the products of a corporate parent or affiliate. We engage a leading third-party securities and operations processor, Pershing LLC, so we have no incentive to promote trading in client portfolios for the purpose of generating transaction revenue. In true entrepreneurial spirit, IPI’s number one priority is doing what’s best for the business – that means what’s best for our partner financial institutions, their customers,  our individual clients and our employees.

We believe our company culture of entrepreneurship and partnership is the driving force behind our success. Our selection standards for financial consultants and home office employees are high – and we believe the investment we make in finding the right people, training them and developing them is worth every penny. Our program of internal and external benchmarking continues to make a positive impact in every aspect of our business.

The IPI family is resourceful, diligent and hardworking – we consistently demonstrate our ability to take the initiative necessary to keep IPI ahead of the competition.



Like IPI, many of our partner institutions set up shop with a small staff – maybe two tellers and a loan officer – and pursued their business diligently, one customer at a time. It is this common journey that helps the IPI team relate so well to how you think and your approach to serving your customers and community and managing your business.

When measured in terms of company growth, it is clear that our approach works extremely well. On average IPI has grown 30% annually since we opened our doors in 1992. That’s 30% growth in revenues – all internally driven, no mergers or acquisitions. For this reason, we are committed to “business as usual” the IPI way – and our partner institutions and their customers can rely on a mutually beneficial relationship for the long haul.